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Haus Gallery 03.12.2021

Jaanika Peerna

For Solace...

The exhibition "For Solaceā€¦" consists of a series of large-scale pigment print artworks created in 2020 and 2021 by Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna who is based in New York. The series was entitled "March Solace". These works have been completed in a technique unique to the author.

When the world fell silent in March 2020, Jaanika Peerna had the opportunity to meditate in the depths of her New York studio and ponder over photographs of her previously displayed wall installations. Artworks which in themselves formed a dynamic, dimensional and to a certain extent mobile and attractive addition to the traditional exhibition display. Photographs of these installations were not just documentary recordings but suddenly seemed an independent and eloquent world in itself, which urged something more to think about, to interpret, to accomplish. The photos became more and more expressive for the author, and the large-format prints of photographs were accompanied by spontaneous, direct and sincere lines of colored pencil. Like bold breaths that public spaces behind the window did not allow at the time, yet just as if interior spaces and the space for art became more filled with emotion. 2020 Spring was awakening outside, just as in Jaanika Peerna's works...

The works of "March Solace" became the solace of April, September, and February, and will continue until they have something to say to the world.

Simultaneously with the solo exhibition at Haus Gallery you are welcome to visit the Writers' House and see Jaanika Peerna's sculptural wall installation in the hall with the black ceiling which has a very close connection with the works of “March Solace.”

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