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Haus Gallery 17.05.2023-15.06.2023



Arno Arrak's watercolor paintings made in his personal technique blend colors and the horizon, are meditative and look into the depths of the world, almost musical, letting you guess the fusion of nature's sounds.

ARNO ARRAK has taken part in the improvisational group of musicians Tunnetusüksus, which has also given concerts at the openings of his exhibitions, interpreting colors through music — the visible and invisible combinations of everything. Arno Arrak, the son of the artist Jüri Arrak, has resided in the USA for many years, where he worked both as a freelance artist and as a piano restorer. Having recently returned to Estonia, the artist is moving along the music of sensory landscapes and mainly exhibits a collection of newly completed works created in his personal technique at  Haus Gallery. His works have been inspired by the fusions of watercolor techniques and the mergers of mental and natural spaces. Watercolor has contributed to the artist's search for his landscapes, to capture different moments of nature, which can be enhanced through the prism of a certain mysticism. Glowing red horizons, hot purple landscape lines, ocher forest edges and powerfully blue cloud sheets — Arno Arrak's watercolors in his personal technique are stylishly subtle and magical, in which the viewer's gaze will get unforgettably intertwined.

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