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Tuulikki Tolli

S√ľndinud / Born 1957

Tuulikki Tolli's works have stories that instead of being direct, communicate through a composition that encompasses the artist’s and the viewer’s senses. The works hint at different themes without obliging the audience. To see and to feel is to be free. Feelings might allude to compositions that consist of soft lines which unfold the artist’s cadence of perception. Yet, all of Tuulikki’s paintings are strong and geometric where one colour space intersects with another, incorporating the classic reds and blues of expressionism. Fade-into-the-distance-softness is created by surfaces which are filled with contrasts. Tuulikki Tolli studied in the painting department of the Estonian Academy of Arts from 1976 to 1982, graduating as a theatre artist. She has designed theatre productions and costumes since 1980, collaborating with almost every Estonian theatre. She has also created costume designs for films. Since 1990, Tolli is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and the Estonian Theatre Union. She has held lectures in Finland and is currently teaching history of costume at the Tallinn Industrial Education Center. Tuulikki has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout her creative years — creating primarily in watercolour. The diffusion which is intrinsic to watercolour is also apparent in the treatment of her current painting surfaces.

It is also important to respectfully mention Tuulikki’s mother Vive Tolli, a remarkable graphic artist and her father, the sculptor Lembit Tolli who both played a role in developing their daughter’s artistic essence and personality.

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