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Tõnis Vint

1942 - 2019


Tõnis Vint is one of the key figures in Estonian graphics. The main focus of his work is an extremely nuanced and subtle black-and-white drawing, which with its stylization is reminiscent of art deco, art nouveau, symbolism, while at the same time being recognizably his own. Vint also clearly believes in the power of laconicism: his work has never been abundantly Baroque, but always subtly stylish, scarce, even minimalist. But the worlds that are created here are filled with meanings and feelings. Vint's pictorial language is almost unearthly - so exotic are the sources of inspiration for these works, so different are their technical solutions, so refined and unmistakably aesthetical in nature, so shamelessly erotic are his nudes.
In 1962, Vint entered the Estonian National Institute of Art, graduating as a graphic artist in 1967. The artist was a founding member and a kind of spiritual leader of the groundbreaking group ANK '64, since 1972 the leader of the group Studio 22 and the leader of the school that grew out of it. In 1988 Vint was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist of the USSR, in 1991 the Culture Prize of the Republic of Estonia and in 2001 the Order of the White Star, 4th class. Tõnis Vint's exhibition debut took place in 1963, and his works have now been exhibited in Estonia and neighboring countries, as well as in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Japan.


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