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Jüri Arrak

1936 - 2022

Jüri Arrak, a living classic of Estonian art graduated from the Estonian National Institute of Art in 1966 with a degree in metalworking. Arrak has worked in many mediums, but is best known as a graphic artist and painter. Jüri Arrak whose surreal and socially sensitive mythological world has been unmistakably recognizable over the years, belonged to ANK '64, a community of freelance artists who ignored the canon of social realism and moved to the rhythm of Western art innovations. In 1969 he became a member of the Estonian Artists' Union. Arrak has won the Kristjan Raud Art Prize (1990), the Estonian Cultural Foundation Annual Award (1996), the Konrad Mägi Medal (1997), the Estonian Artists' Union annual painting award twice and awards from various painting and graphics festivals. In 1999 he was elected one of the 10 most important artists within the Hundred Greats of the Century. Arrak's works can be found in the Estonian Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum, Tallinn Art Hall, many prestigious US art collections (including the White House and MoMA), several European museums and countless private collections.


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