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ArtDepoo highlights – young estonian painters vol.1

Starting from 24th of October ArtDepoo Gallery is a hot spot, Estonian most up-to-date contemporary painting in its tremendous shine is right on its walls! Art public will have a great opportunity to meet a bunch of young creators, marginal or glamorous, all in one show. Maarit Murka, Stina Kasemägi, Remo Randver, Flo Kasearu, Mai Sööt, August Künnapu, Merike Estna, Chintis Lundgren, Eda Lõhmus, Riina Kivirüüt, Ville-Karel Viirelaid Margus Tiitsmaa and Sirli Hein are bringing their freshest art works into ArtDepoo.


SEB Gallery


After a five-year pause in exhibiting it is again possible to see in SEB Ühispank Gallery the newest paintings by Ivika Luisk. As also at the exhibition “Flora”, which was set up five years ago, the title is poetic and floral-scented. But this time we shall not be able to see only floral paintings – amidst blossoming trees and sprouting flowers there is slinking a gentle female figure, behind who is most probably hiding the artist herself. The exhibition can be regarded the author’s sequent re-appearance: the twenty-two new paintings symbolize clarification, recurring of balance and drawing of intermediate conclusions.



The Baltic Sea Delegation

The Baltic Sea Delegation is an intriguing project, which combines ecological thinking with internationally rated contemporary art. This exhibition in Estonia offers a unique opportunity for local art lovers to get better knowledge on what is going on in Finnish art there and now.