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Established in 1997, Haus Gallery is a leading Estonian art gallery representing some of the most influential contemporary Estonian artists as well as estates from the past century. The gallery has decades-long relationships with a diverse list of Estonian artists and has helped foster the careers of some of the most significant Estonian artists working today.

The gallery supports its artists and shares their visionary work with audiences, complementing and amplifying their voice. Since its founding, Haus Gallery has developed a distinguished legacy as a gallery that organises seminal contemporary exhibitions. Now in its fourth decade, the gallery continues to advance its mission through an ambitious programme — encompassing exhibitions, institutional collaborations and interdisciplinary projects, displaying around 20 shows a year.

Haus Gallery has also prepared and presented exceptional museum-quality exhibitions of works by historical Estonian artists. The gallery provides a natural home for a number of major artist estates and encourages a continued and engaging discourse around their oeuvres.

Active in both the primary and secondary markets, Haus Gallery was also one of the first galleries to establish Estonia’s auction tradition, making it the country’s leading art business. Renowned and trusted for expert live and online auctions as well as bespoke private sales, the gallery’s unparalleled network of specialists offers clients a full portfolio of services, including art appraisal, art financing, education and interior design. Haus Gallery’s auctions span 3 categories, at price points ranging from around €1000 to €400 000. The gallery has sold some of the most important collections in Estonian history and achieved some of Estonia’s record prices for works at auction. Haus Gallery’s clients include Estonia’s top collectors as well as museums.

In addition to organising a robust schedule of auctions and accompanying exhibitions, Haus Gallery collaborates with celebrated art historians to present museum-quality content and invests considerable resources in new scholarship. From commissioning new research to publishing auction-related catalogues, the gallery creates vital, lasting records of artists’ work, forging critical gateways to the cultural discourse they inspire. Haus Gallery has long hosted events with artists and art historians, including exhibition tours and public talks that engage a variety of audiences and communities. The created content also extends beyond the gallery’s walls in the form of films, podcasts and other original media.

Haus Gallery is committed to creating a dialogue between art, artists and diverse audiences.

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