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Haus Gallery provides assistance for purchasing art. The gallery has an excellent representational selection of the crème de la crème of modern Estonian art, as well as works that are part of local artistic heritage. We have a long history of cooperating with artists and possess a comprehensive overview of the entire Estonian art scene. We offer complete guidance and consultations for our clientele in acquiring new works; providing help with selecting works for your home, office, or as a gift, as well as compiling either private or corporate art collections as a long-term investment. Upon request we also offer the option to experience the works in their future immediate surroundings before making a purchase.

We also provide art evaluation services, act as agents for expert assessments to verify authorship, organise restorations, framing, and transport of purchased works.

Our selection, to which works are constantly being added, can be seen on our webpage or on-site in the gallery. If you are interested in a specific artist, period, motif or style, please use the search engine or contact us directly. In addition to the permanent selection available at the gallery, we also have information about artworks in artists’ studios and in private collections.

Bank transactions, card payments, and cash are accepted for purchases. It is possible to reach an agreement to pay in instalments. To reserve a work please write (haus@haus.ee) or call us (6 419 471).