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Haus Gallery accepts works of art in various mediums for sale from both artists and private persons. Sales prices are set in cooperation with the owner based on the gallery’s long-term experience in the Estonian art market and the realistic potential thereof. A preliminary assessment of the works can be provided on the basis of photos e-mailed to Haus Gallery; however, in order to determine the final price and to make the sales decision, an overview in person is preferred. In the case of artworks dating from earlier periods it is also important to assess the condition and authorship of the work, for which we consult our external experts.

After the sales decision is made, an arrangement is concluded with the owner/seller and the work is taken in by the gallery against a written act of agreement. As a rule Haus Gallery does not purchase the works but simply acts as an agent in their sale. If a work remains unsold for an extended period of time the gallery can make a return proposal, while the owner has the right to request the work back from the gallery at any time.

To sell a work with us, please write (haus@haus.ee), call (6 419 471) or visit us at the gallery (Uus 17, Tallinn).

We kindly request that artists who are looking to sell their works make an appointment with the gallery in order to get acquainted with said works and the artist’s professional history. It is also recommended that the portfolio be e-mailed to the gallery prior to the meeting. In addition to acting as an agent for single pieces, we also offer artists the option of organising personal or group exhibitions at the gallery to bring their work before a wider audience and create greater public visibility.