Leopold Ennosaar


Talvine Tallinn. 1958

aquatint. plm 28 x 19.3 cm (framed)
price 224 (sold)

Leopold Ennosaar "Talvine Tallinn"

Leopold Ennosaar "Talvine Tallinn"

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(sold)"> (sold)Talvine Tallinn
Leopold Ennosaar
Talvine Tallinn
1958. aquatint plm 28 x 19.3 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY XXVI ART AUCTION 2010 spring Haus Gallery 15.04.2010
Final price: 479
(sold)"> (sold)Tallinna vaade
Leopold Ennosaar
Tallinna vaade
1956. Woodcut Plm 24.7 x 17.5 cm (not framed)
HAUS GALLERY XX ART AUCTION 2007 spring. Old Masters Graphics and Drawings Haus Gallery 15.04.2007-23.04.2007
Final price: 607

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