Oskar Raunam


Paadid kaldal. 1950

Oil, canvas, cardboard. 29 x 38 cm
price 1 151 (sold)

Oskar Raunam "Paadid kaldal"

Oskar Raunam was most probably one of the last persons, who could study at Johannes Greenberg and this must have been an experience the meaning of which can hardly be overestimated. Even it is difficult to detect in the creation by Raunam the directly Greenberg-style line of painting, one could guess that certain ethical attitudes also reached him. The first half of the 1950ies was as known an extremely complicated period in the Estonian art life and Raunam, who worked a lot during his life as an educator, had just become a teacher of painting at the State Institute of Arts. Still he does not choose the theme of his painting to be anything obligatory, even vice versa. Raunam heads for the place where boats may float freely while being fastened to the pier without having any fishermen – heroes on them. He is not interested in obligatory themes or obligatory brush strikes. Differently from the canons of social realism, Raunam creates here only for himself: directly and honestly. Similarly with Murakin, Raunam first of all created the mood: boats, reflection of the light on the water, reed-bed, yellowish mountain slopes and a thin strip of sky show us the ability and desire of an artist to move to the places no one else can get.

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Cow Milking in the Pasture
Oskar Raunam
Cow Milking in the Pasture
1948. Oil, canvas 46.5 x 61.6 cm (framed)
EARLIER ART CLASSICS Haus Gallery 29.10.2022
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Oskar Raunam
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Vaade vanalinnale
Oskar Raunam
Vaade vanalinnale
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HAUS GALLERY XXXIX AUCTION 2016 spring Haus Gallery 30.03.2016
1 900
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(sold)"> (sold)Paadid kaldal
Oskar Raunam
Paadid kaldal
1950. Oil, canvas, cardboard 29 x 38 cm
HAUS GALLERY XVIIth ART AUCTION, 2005 autumn Haus Gallery 20.10.2005
1 150
Final price: 1 150
(sold)"> (sold)Kallad
Oskar Raunam
1940. Oil on canvas 65 x 49 cm
HAUS GALLERY XIVth ART AUCTION, 2004 spring Haus Gallery 04.04.2004
Final price: 895
(sold)"> (sold)Viru väljak Tallinnas
Oskar Raunam
Viru väljak Tallinnas
1952. Vm. 15 x 23 cm
HAUS / X AUCTION, 2002 spring Haus Gallery 09.05.2002
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(sold)"> (sold)LILLED AKNAL
Oskar Raunam
1941. 61 x 46 cm (not framed)
HAUS / III AUCTION, 1998 autumn Haus Gallery 26.10.1998
1 470
Final price: 1 643

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