Herbert Lukk


Linnavaade. 1918

Oil, canvas, cardboard. 34 x 44 cm
Starting price 20 133 (sold)

Herbert Lukk "Linnavaade"

Herbert Lukk supplements the sad line of early deceased great talents. Even though the majority of the creative life of Lukk, having deceased in the Liberation War at the age of 26, was mainly ahead, his activity could still leave a remarkable impression. Lukk, having received his elementary artistic education at the legendary Ants Laikmaa, has been called together with Oskar Kallis “the most talented students of Laikmaa” (Reet Varblane). In the second half of the 1910s Lukk continued his studies in Helsinki, most probably at the Artistic Society of Finland and here can also be detected his main influences. In spite of his youth, Lukk repeatedly changed his attitudes, but most often is mentioned the “painting manner, where the form is compiled of bright coloured dots”. With such type of works Lukk also participated at some exhibitions, where he immediately created attention. The “Siuru” group, joining the more vigilant intelligence, repeatedly brought him into prominence, seeing in the creation of Lukk qualities, which until then were non-existent in the Estonian art.
“Linnavaade” is undoubtedly an art historical rarity, but we can also talk of its actual value.. here can be detected Villem Ormisson – style game of colours and brush strikes, but also can be noticed choosing of unexpected view angle and ignoring of limiting traditions. The works by Lukk, which have by today become extremely rare, have naturally been acquired also by the Estonian Art Museum. The emphasis? On Tallinn cityscapes, to which is characteristic “clean and joyfully bright colouring” (Ene Lamp).

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(sold)"> (sold)Linnavaade
Herbert Lukk
1918. Oil, canvas, cardboard 34 x 44 cm
HAUS GALLERY XVth ART AUCTION, 2004 autumn Haus Gallery 21.10.2004
2 237
Final price: 20 132

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