Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann


Hilissuvine maastik. 1880

Oil on canvas. 26 x 33 cm
price 2 940 (sold)

Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann "Hilissuvine maastik"

Oskar Hoffmann could be compared with Eduard Gebhardt because of his artist’s fate and also his importance. Also Hoffmann was born in Estonia, in Tartu as a son of an ordinary baker, but having hardly celebrated his 21. birthday, he also went abroad to study. In the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts Gebhardt became the most important teacher of the artist, later was of importance also Eugen Dücker, with whom was formed the legenday “Düsseldorf school”. They were the artists, whose creation acquired international dimensions and whose quite similar painting style became a certain high-quality trade mark. In the artist’s titles most probably is the most important one the status of the honourable member of the Imperial Academy of Arts of St.Petersburg, but of equal importance could be considered his extraordinary popularity among art lovers of St.Petersburg and Estonian art scientists, who have named Hoffman among other titles “the Estonian Rembrandt”.
Onto the work “Hilissuvine maastik” Hoffmann has not brought any humans. Instead of epic enforcement he prefers an intimate and personal style. In his landscape Hoffmann is amazingly free and picturesque, capturing at the same time the ripe mood, typical to late summer and subtle shade differences of stones and a corn field. A slightly slanted fence, a winding footpath and invisible wind are certain evidence that the artist does not watch the landscape with a glance of a by-stander, but dives “with an in-born sense of colours” (Anne Lõugas) into the different layers of the motif. We can be sure. Hoffmann himself is here.

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Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
In the Tavern
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Läänemere lained
Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
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HAUS GALLERY XX ART AUCTION, 2007 spring Old Masters Paintings Haus Gallery 15.04.2007-24.04.2007
5 049
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(sold)"> (sold)Talumehe portree
Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
Talumehe portree
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HAUS GALLERY XVth ART AUCTION, 2004 autumn Haus Gallery 21.10.2004
2 301
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(sold)"> (sold)Hilissuvine maastik
Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
Hilissuvine maastik
1880. Oil on canvas 26 x 33 cm
HAUS GALLERY XIVth ART AUCTION, 2004 spring Haus Gallery 04.04.2004
2 940
Final price: 2 940
(sold)"> (sold)Saanisõit
Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
19. Oil on wood 11 x 15 cm
HAUS GALLERY XIIIth ART AUCTION 2003 autumn Haus Gallery 23.10.2003
3 771
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(sold)"> (sold)Eestlane
Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
1883. Etching, paper Plm 16 x 10 cm
HAUS / XI AUCTION, 2002 autumn Haus Gallery 24.10.2002
Final price: 447
(sold)"> (sold)Jahitasku ja kingad toolil
Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
Jahitasku ja kingad toolil
1880. Oil on paper 20 x 17 cm
HAUS / IV AUCTION, 1999 spring Haus Gallery 26.04.1999-24.04.1999
1 853
Final price: 1 853
Oskar Georg Adolf Hoffmann
1880. 21 x 33 cm (not framed)
HAUS / III AUCTION, 1998 autumn Haus Gallery 26.10.1998
3 515
Final price: 3 515

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