Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt


Petseri vaade. 1936

Water-colours, paper. Vm. 33 x 24 cm
price 991 (sold)

Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt "Petseri vaade"

Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt "Petseri vaade"

Blumenfeldt is known in the art history first of all as the member of the legendary Group of the Estonian Artists (Eesti Kunstnikkude Rühm), functioning in the 1920s. Similarily to the other members of the Group, Blumenfeldt used the constructive-geometric style, being exceptional in the Estonian art history, preferring to the inconcrete the mathematically measurable world of lines and capacities. Blumenfeldt is an exceptionally rare author at the auctions. He mainly worked as a theatre decorator and his paintings are due to the mentioned fact few in numbers, the majority of them have perished or are lost because of complicated historcal situation.
The Petseri view reveals the personal experience of the artist, who was born and raised in Russia, St.Petersburg and has totally neglected rationality, being characteristic to the early works of Blumenfeldt, becoming one of the most outstanding pieces of the artist, whose creative period remained short. A jovial atmosphere surrounds a slightly sad and nostalgic cottage, where growing into lilacs is no sign of negligence, but of pure joy and forgetting of tomorrow.

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(sold)"> (sold)Saaremaa maastik
Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt
Saaremaa maastik
1944. oil, canvas 70 x 85 cm (framed)
Haus Gallery's spring auction Haus Gallery 25.04.2019
4 400
Final price: 9 000
(sold)"> (sold)Pirita
Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt
1942. lm 26.5 x 38 cm (framed)
Haus Gallery's anniversary auction Haus Gallery 03.11.2017
Final price: 600
(sold)"> (sold)Tartu kivisild
Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt
Tartu kivisild
1942. 68 x 51 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY XXIII ART AUCTION 2008 autumn. Old Masters Paintings Haus Gallery 01.10.2008
3 451
Final price: 3 451
(sold)"> (sold)Vaade Tallinnale
Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt
Vaade Tallinnale
1941. Oil on canvas 46 x 55 cm
HAUS GALLERY XIIIth ART AUCTION 2003 autumn Haus Gallery 23.10.2003
1 598
Final price: 2 237
(sold)"> (sold)Petseri vaade
Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt
Petseri vaade
1936. Water-colours, paper Vm. 33 x 24 cm
HAUS / XI AUCTION, 2002 autumn Haus Gallery 24.10.2002
Final price: 991
(sold)"> (sold)Saaremaa rand tuulikuga
Edmond Arnold Blumenfeldt
Saaremaa rand tuulikuga
1944. Oil on canvas 70 x 85 cm
HAUS / VI AUCTION, 2000 spring Haus Gallery 27.04.2000
2 237
Final price: 3 835

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