Oskar Raunam


Cow Milking in the Pasture. 1948

Oil, canvas. 46.5 x 61.6 cm (framed)
price 5 600

Oskar Raunam "Cow Milking in the Pasture"

Oskar Raunam has obeyed the prevailing order and painted a somewhat caricatured picture of life, where everything is always fine. It is an idealized image of a beautiful Estonia, where cows give milk uncontrollably, women carry it for the people in continental villages (of course barefoot, emphasizing the closeness to nature) and the sun never sets. However, Raunam has not completely unhooked himself from his early creative style - especially in the background, he looks for color transitions with the same impressionistic fervor as before. He is also gently subjective in his treatment of the figures, but still not enough for the painting to be salon-worthy. A document of the era, as the images of agricultural work, a characteristic of Estonians, were used to introduce the new Soviet identity, but it was placed in a completely new context.

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Cow Milking in the Pasture
Oskar Raunam
Cow Milking in the Pasture
1948. Oil, canvas 46.5 x 61.6 cm (framed)
EARLIER ART CLASSICS Haus Gallery 29.10.2022
3 600
Final price: 5 600
Oskar Raunam
1947. Lithography Vm 40 x 40 cm (framed)
GRAPHICS AND DRAWINGS - Monday, May 16th 18:00 Haus Gallery 16.05.2022
Final price: 800
Vaade vanalinnale
Oskar Raunam
Vaade vanalinnale
1978. oil, tempera on canvas 54 x 73 cm (framed)
HAUS GALLERY XXXIX AUCTION 2016 spring Haus Gallery 30.03.2016
1 900
Final price:
(sold)"> (sold)Paadid kaldal
Oskar Raunam
Paadid kaldal
1950. Oil, canvas, cardboard 29 x 38 cm
HAUS GALLERY XVIIth ART AUCTION, 2005 autumn Haus Gallery 20.10.2005
1 150
Final price: 1 150
(sold)"> (sold)Kallad
Oskar Raunam
1940. Oil on canvas 65 x 49 cm
HAUS GALLERY XIVth ART AUCTION, 2004 spring Haus Gallery 04.04.2004
Final price: 895
(sold)"> (sold)Viru väljak Tallinnas
Oskar Raunam
Viru väljak Tallinnas
1952. Vm. 15 x 23 cm
HAUS / X AUCTION, 2002 spring Haus Gallery 09.05.2002
Final price: 1 214
(sold)"> (sold)LILLED AKNAL
Oskar Raunam
1941. 61 x 46 cm (not framed)
HAUS / III AUCTION, 1998 autumn Haus Gallery 26.10.1998
1 470
Final price: 1 643

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