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Regina Lukk-Toompere

Sündinud / born 1953

Regina Lukk-Toompere's pictures deal with the visual alphabet in some ways. On one hand, there are certainly illustrations in textbooks, which at the same time try to convey knowledge in a comprehensible and inspiring way. On the other hand, we can also move to a wider surface (and that surface is very wide) and talk about the pictures in front of us as a means of learning to read the world. Note that "learning" in this case is constantly ongoing, not ending in a vague "childhood". In defining Lukk-Toompere's works, the “illustration” is undoubtedly a bit harassing. The use of “illustrations” still suppresses the role of the image occupied by the text, a peculiar presenter who has to seem to illustrate and bring the text to the reader, thus making a special translation of the written image. The pictures of Lukk-Toompere are voluntarily connected to the text, but their sovereignty and world are clear.

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