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Vive Tolli


Vive Tolli is the Grand Old Lady of graphic art in Estonia, a remarkable graphic artist and teacher, whose stylised and nuance-rich creations and technical skills in graphic art have influenced the development of the entirety of Estonia’s graphic arts. Her creations have spoken to people since the 1950s in a language of symbols that transcends the boundaries of time. Technically perfect graphic sheets are, on the one hand, incredibly artistic, and on the other hand, meaningful in motifs from folk art. Above all, she has delved into the interpretation of folklore and mythology; her ‘handwriting’ includes the stylisation and utilisation of ethnographic notes and patterns. Vive Tolli’s style is considered to be poetic regardless of whether the topic is socialist-realism in working life, St. John’s Day or a wedding day, rowanberry beaches or stone cities, a dream-like life underwater or above.


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Vive Tolli Gardener 1966. Etching, colored Plm 49 x 50 cm (framed) price 1 100
Vive Tolli Ebavõrdsus 1963. etching km 59 x 51 cm (not framed) price 1 200
Vive Tolli Evi 1964. etching 28 x 22 cm (framed) price 500
Midsummer Night
Vive Tolli Midsummer Night 1969. Etching plm 33.5 x 37 cm (not framed) price 1 200
Collector (for Jakob Hurt)
Vive Tolli Collector (for Jakob Hurt) 1989. Etching, colored Plm 69 x 51 cm (framed) price 1 100
Vive Tolli King undated. Etching Plm 29.5 x 29.5 cm (framed) price 750
Power of Song (For Jakob Hurt)
Vive Tolli Power of Song (For Jakob Hurt) 1989. Etching, colored Plm 69 x 51 cm (framed) price 1 100
Vive Tolli Town 1977. Etching Plm 30.2 x 29.5 cm (framed) price 750
Loss järve põhjas
Vive Tolli Loss järve põhjas 1968. km 49 x 53 cm (framed) price 900
Murede maa
Vive Tolli Murede maa 1966. etching plm 21.5 x 14 cm (not framed) price 120
Vive Tolli Nimeta 1980-1990. drawing lm 23 x 21 cm (not framed) price 300
Vive Tolli Rändjärv 1967. km 49 x 54 cm (framed) price 1 100
Vive Tolli Greenhouse 1977. Etching, colored plm 47.5 x 49 cm (framed) price 1 100
View from the Tower
Vive Tolli View from the Tower 1984. Etching Plm 51.5 x 52 cm (not framed) price 650
Old Zither
Vive Tolli Old Zither 1989. Etching, colored Km 63.5 x 48.5 cm (framed) price 1 100
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