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Haus Gallery

Elements, Lines, Landscapes, Thoughts - Mare Vint throughout her creations

Minimalist landscapes with architectural elements, circular and rectangular shapes, lines that move across the surface of the paper, inviting the viewer’s eye to draw along with them – these are the visual keywords of the work of Mare Vint, who has now passed away. The exhibition at the Haus Gallery, which spans two floors, is dedicated to Mare’s memory on the month of her birthday in September. Both familiar works and those that invite us to listen to the more unique voices of Mare’s work are on display.


Haus Gallery


Doomsday flowers? What kind of flowers are these? Marko Mäetamm knows. Standing somewhere on the edge of the world during one creative moment, he watched what was happening in front of him – in the garden of the end of the world, where the doomsday flowers were blooming. About his experience, Marko later writes: ‘It was a very strange plant. Otherwise like a tulip, but in the evenings a black hand stretched out from it, with fingers full of large, expensive-looking rings…’. These are the kind of visionary stories Marko has painted and written about sixteen strange plants, which are like flowers on the one hand, but on the other, they are everything else.


Haus Gallery

Liivia Leškin

War Against War – this is the title of the exhibition of paintings by Liivia Leškin, at Haus Gallery. The titles of exhibitions, movies, books, musical works, and other similar works make us relate to one theme or another and make us think or not. The titles are not prescriptive, they are merely indicative, leaving the audience with a choice. There are also those to which we want to say no, but which may mask more than we think. Art invites openness and always has. Various coloured surfaces provide the viewer with deeper ways of thinking about the world, formulating the meanings of expressions that are often taken in a limited way.


Haus Gallery

Toomas Altnurme

Abstract revelation! Abstractionism in arts has taken many different forms over time, and today we no longer doubt its existence; rather, we ponder what in abstractionism speaks to us more or less, what colours and textures inspire us or what kind of abstractionism our consciousness/subconscious can or cannot grasp. Toomas Altnurme’s paintings and sculptures also speak to us, in which we look for the personal intrigue and peculiarities of today’s artistic expression.